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Bruce Banner’s first line is one of reassurance and calm and then he crouches down so he can be on the young girl’s level so he’s less intimidating and will be able to help GODDDD HELP ME I LOVE BRUCE BANNER HE IS A DARLING

do u know how many randos have added their halfbaked commentary to this. over a billion. do u know that every time it gets a flurry of notes i have a whispered hope in my heart that scruffalo has seen it or reblogged it. and every time, he never has. i lov ur work mark. please know. 

I’m done, I think, just waiting on a reply to an anxious email considering the staggering and ongoing incompetence of certain institutions involved. I’ve laid it all out, two comedy story concepts and one angsty drama, all featuring female protagonists. I’ve attached my lecturer’s gorgeously effusive reference to my CV and clicked the submit button, but anxiety is making me double check and triple check after the application fuckup that happened with my friend and classmate last year. 

I badly want this and I feel even more nervous now it’s all submitted. The bare bones of it all. Please pray for me. 



right after Herc pushes them both out if the way

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I had a complicated relationship with Keira Knightley as a teen. I loved her sometimes but other times I didn’t, and I think the times I didn’t were based on unfounded and internalized misogyny and jealousy.

So I want to apologise to Keira for that rubbish during my teen years, it was ME, not her, and as penance for being a dickhead I want to make sure everyone knows that I love her. 

In my opinion, she is a very very brilliant actress with a well-deserved Oscar nomination under her belt that should actually be two (she is INCREDIBLE in Atonement). I love her delicacy as an actress, the way she can deliver a lines so quietly and heartbreakingly, how she smiles through a set jaw to compensate for her tears, her equal capacity for warmth and friendliness and coldness and repression, her laugh, her accent, her range, and of course, her utter beauty. 

Her performance in Begin Again reminds me how truly wonderful she is. I have seen it twice now and I adore her so much in it. You go Keira. Keep on killin’ it. 


“It was a bit hard to keep Chiwetel and I away from each other, once we hit Northampton and went out to the pubs.  We immediately clicked as people, so we had a great time working together on set and socializing off set.  I think those relationships find their way onto the screen.  I think the essence of our friendship found its way into the finished product.”

— Joel Edgerton on the beginning of his friendship with Chiwetel Ejiofor on the 2005 set of “Kinky Boots;” a friendship which remains strong and active to this day

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Outtakes from The Hollywood Reporter: On Set and Undercover With the Cast of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ [x]

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