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Eva Green | “300: Rise Of An Empire” Press Conference

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they’re not old men…….they’re vintage

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Musicals in Real Life: Les Miserables! Javert might be a little too intense… (W/ Kyle Tapley ) 🎭

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i was on the phone to dils and i was on the computer at same time and said out loud ‘i can’t find my giancarlo esposito folder’ and she said ‘could you please log into my tumblr on my behalf and post that quote because that is really sad’ and i refused to read myself that way on her blog so i am posting it here to let u know that even though she is not on tumblr at the moment dils continues to own me repeatedly

Anonymous asked: have u heard of giancarlo ezpozito :P


Title: Ancient Australian Worship Song 110,153 plays


This Song was not heard for almost a hundred years until a team of remodelers found a music sheet stuck under the paneling of a wall in one of Australia’s oldest churches, it is now being released for the first time since 1914. Listen to the sound of a choir of over 300 people attempt to capture this beautiful song one last time.

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Nothing distressing me more in HP fandom than the prevalent fancasting of Andrew fucking Garfield as my favourite character